Quite an Interesting Review

In the July 1916 issue of Mathematical Gazette, I found this somewhat interesting extract from a review (which was unpublished) about an unnamed book:

There is much that he does not say that he means, that he knows you know he means, and so you cannot contradict what he does not say, what you know he means to say — and yet you cannot agree with what he does say, for you know that that will be taken to mean that you agree with what he does not say as well, and to the latter you are firmly opposed. I hope the reader will survive this. That is how I felt after reading ‘X’.

(Note: Since this review was not published, the editor omitted the book’s title and replaced it with ‘X’ instead.)

No wonder that this review was not published! Personally though, I would like to see the entire review published. It would have been an entertaining read if nothing else.

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