An Awesome Editorial Policy

“Let me make it clear to you
This is what we’ll never do.”

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to spell:
You’ll find that many readers understand you just as well;
And once the spelling’s gone to pot, why then I rather guess
It doesn’t really matter if your syntax is a mess;
But not in my journal.

You really needn’t worry that it’s all been said before,
Since checking out the sources can be an awful bore.
And don’t be very troubled if you seem to plagiarize:
If you copy something really good, you just might win a prize;
But not in my journal.

We often see that authors, even those whose work is strong.
They sometimes go too far and say a thing or two that’s wrong.
You needn’t worry very hard about a stray mistake:
If you can fool the referee, what difference does it make?
But not in my journal.

Oh, inspiration’s wonderful, but second thoughts are best,
And don’t you think we must have made those silly rules in jest?
You seekers for perfection, who’ve made an utter goof,
You’ll have a chance to fix it up: rewrite in galley proof;
But not in my journal.

— R. P. Boas

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